Definitely not

The internet will tell you many benefits of Pilates, have a look and you’ll soon get the gist. Core strength, flexibility, stability, body awareness, stress reduction, it’s all there. And it’s all true. A lot of it is true about many other forms of exercise, so what makes Pilates special?

Yes, there is a particular focus on control from your centre that makes for strengthened abdominal muscles. There’s a focus on lengthening – Pilates will make you feel taller and, well, just better.

Katie Kelly pilates class

What feels special about Pilates for me is that it’s a conversation with your body. Some people have a breezy rapport between mind and body, with instructions quickly relayed and understood, others not so much. I fall into the latter camp, I had, and still have, to work hard to get my body and brain to really listen to each other.

So, over the years, studying with some of the Pilates’ world’s most amazing trainers (including Miranda Bass, Lisa Bradshaw, Jean Androne, Maria Earle and Julie Driver) I have had to absorb information in multiple ways, to ask for clarifications and to practice, practice, practice. I get there and I know how to get you there. Come along and see what the benefits of Pilates could be for you.

Get pilates fit with katie.


“I often try to shirk exercise but always look forward to Katie’s Pilates lesson as she is extremely knowledgeable about her craft and delivers her varied classes with fun, humour and expertise.”

– Michelle D

“I suffered from chronic debilitating back pain after falling on black ice and sustaining a stable thoracic vertebrae fracture. I started going to Katie’s Pilates lessons about 9 years ago, I no longer suffer with chronic pain, my activity levels are not only back but better than before and my general health and well-being has significantly improved. Katie is a generous teacher, very warm and welcoming, gently guiding you through movement and stretch to attain strength and mobility. I cannot recommend Katie and her Pilates enough.”

– Tracey M

“I have been attending Katie’s classes for some years now.  They are a really lovely mixture of challenging exercise and fun.  Even though I have had a dodgy back for a while now, Katie guides me through adapting any exercise I find hard to do.  She gives very clear instruction at the same time as excellent demos.”

– Liz R

“Katie is a brilliant teacher. She is enthusiastic, extremely knowledgeable and her sessions are very enjoyable. Katie tailors the sessions to her clients individual needs and abilities. I have been going to her sessions for many years and with Katie’s support have developed core strength, become more flexible and improved my balance. Katie’s Pilates sessions are fun. Why not try them out for yourself?”

– Isabel B

“Pilates was recommended to me when recovering from a course of chemotherapy after a cancer diagnosis. I really enjoyed it and eight years on, I have kept it going to help me to keep fit and supple. Katie is a super and thoughtful teacher who adapts her classes to the level of her class members – I can’t recommend her too highly.”

– Paul R

“I began Pilates with Katie on my husband’s recommendation and have thoroughly enjoyed her classes. The added bonus has been that I’ve no longer needed the regular visits to a chiropractor that I’d previously needed!”

– Jill R

“Regular classes with Katie have been something to look forward to every week for years. Having originally started to help realign and strengthen my back (job done), I have continued to benefit from posture and conditioning work. 

Plus, the classes are great fun with Katie’s energy and wit able to engender enthusiasm in everyone. Her ability to adapt exercises to suit everyone’s needs, even when coming back from surgery, really works in a group class environment.”

– Kay G

“I would highly recommend Pilates with Katie.  I have a long-term injury and hyper-mobility, her classes provide me with real pain relief and strengthen my muscles to support my joints to help me in my job. Katie is fun, supportive and motivational.”

– Louise T

“Katie provides fun and creative Pilates classes that accommodate everyone’s levels of fitness and flexibility. I always feel a great sense of achievement at the end of a session. I can’t recommend Katie’s Pilates classes enough.”

– Emma D